Wine, Tea, Snack Mix

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Auntie Ronda’s Snack Mix pairs well with wine, tea, and your favorite ale. I spoke to my go to wine lady at Grace Wine and Spirits in Hell’s Kitchen NYC about good pairings for the different varieties of snack mix. Her suggestions are below:


 Original Mix – a nice dry riesling 20140831-DSC_1053

 Tropical Mix – a good sauvignon blanc

 Spicy Mix – a sirah/syrah balances this sweet and sassy mix

 Chocolate Mix – sparkling wine, prosecco, champagne!



I am in love with David’s Tea. The tea is delicious and the customer service is superb. Some teas are available year round. Other teas are seasonal. I especially love the recipes they post on Facebook.

Original Mix – David’s Tea Forever Nuts (or) Apple Custard

 Tropical Mix – David’s Tea Hot Tropic (or) Kokomo Green (or) Tropicala

 Spicy Mix – David’s Tea Mango Diablo (or) Green & Fruity (or) Honey Bee

 Chocolate Mix – David’s Tea Glitter & Gold